Surviving the Holidays.

Surviving the Holidays

Episode Summary:
Many people struggle during the holidays. According to research, rates of depression and other mental health issues spike during the holidays. On this episode we discuss some ways you can prepare yourself in anticipation of getting with family over the holidays. We also remind you to have a plan for some your emotional triggers. 

1. Be honest with yourself about your family.
2. Consider limiting or removing alcohol from holiday dinner.
3. Thanksgiving dinner is not the time for therapy.
4. Do not take it personal.
5. No hot button issues.

The Couples Counsel Podcast is designed to help couples get unstuck and moving towards a happier and healthier relationship. The hosts, Dr. Jameson Mercier and Mrs. Herdyne Mercier, provide practical advice for everyday challenges in relationships. They believe that any couple can have a successful relationship if they are equipped with the right tools. Whether your relationship is doing well or in need of some new skills or strategies, there is something for everyone. Episodes are released weekly on Wednesday mornings. For more information, visit or the social media links before for daily updates. Happy Listening!

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