There are no Perfect Solutions Problems and challenges are everywhere. When we encounter these challenges, we often believe that there is a perfect an...View Details

Silver Linings in Coronavirus  The hardest part of the coronavirus pandemic is not knowing when it will end. That can create a lot of stress and anxie...View Details

Successful Relationships

Successful Relationships We all want our relationships to be successful. Most people envision being married for life after saying “I do.” However, mos...View Details

Friend or Therapist

Friend or Therapist   Do you have that friend who’s always trying to use you for free therapy? Do you cringe when you see their name on your caller I...View Details

The Pain I Needed.

The Pain I Needed   Regardless of the circumstances, we have a natural aversion to pain. Sometimes the pain we desperately try to avoid is the pain th...View Details

So You Have a New Bae

So You Have a New Bae New relationships are exciting and scary at the same time. There are many changes occurring at once. We dress different, act dif...View Details

Transactional Love

Transactional Love For many people, true and unconditional love does not exist. The worst part is they are the ones killing their relationships. On th...View Details

One More Thing About Will & Jada Pinkett Smith On this weekend edition, we tackle a couple more takeaways from Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. It’s t...View Details

Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Lately, it’s been hard to ignore Will and Jada. They got everyone talking about their marriage. I’m not one for gossip, ...View Details

Great Expectations

Great Expectations Some say they are a set up for a major letdown. Others say pretending to not have them makes you a liar. We’re talking about expect...View Details

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