I make my Family

I Make My Family

Our families play a major role on who we are. They are often the place we find the most comfort. They can also be full of tension. Have you ever considered what it would be like to create your family? On today’s episode we discuss the family we're born into and the families we create and what that looks like. 

Relationship Renegade is a podcast designed to unapologetically confront the messed-up ideas we have about relationships. Dr. Jameson Mercier is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and specializes in Relationship Systems. For more information, visit www.mercierwellness.com. Past episodes can be heard at www.mercierwellness.com/listen.

Lastly, we value your feedback. You can reach out to me on social media at @dr.jamesonmercier (Instagram) or @DrJamesonMercier (FaceBook)

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