Don’t Waste the Crisis

Don’t Waste the Crisis We don’t always ask for it, but times of crisis are an opportunity for massive change…if we don’t waste it. Relationship Renega...View Details

You’re a People Pleaser There are many reasons that we seek the please those around us. It may due to a lack of confidence, fear or rejection, or basi...View Details

Your Happiness is Not My Job Are you killing yourself trying to make someone happy? Are you someone who expects others to make you happy? These two ty...View Details

Toxic Positivity

Toxic Positivity Positive vibes only right. I’m all for it, but there’s a point where all this positivity turns to denial…and you may have crossed th...View Details


Mindfulness Do you feel like everything is moving too fast and wish you could slow things down? I know the feeling. Let’s talk about it. Relationship...View Details

Season of Love

Season of Love Valentine’s Day is back. The emotions surrounding this holiday range from excitement to dread. No matter how you feel, you can’t avoid ...View Details

Hamster Wheel Happiness

Hamster Wheel Happiness Do you know what will make you happy? Are you someone who says “I’ll know it when I see it?  In this episode we discuss pleas...View Details

Happy New Year?

Happy New Year? Some of us place a lot of hope and expectations on a new year. Others remain hesitant and see it as just another day. Is it helpful t...View Details

Whose Resolution Is It?

Whose Resolution Is It? Happy New Year! Welcome to Season 3. We kick things off by tackling those wonderful resolutions of yours. How are they doing?...View Details

The Work Family

The Work Family Some people need a family atmosphere at work in order to survive. Others can’t stand it. Is it necessary and does it make a difference...View Details

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